Saturday, July 31, 2004

Its almost 3am.... I have been doing good with keeping myself up tonight.... I would like to stay up a little bit longer but I really feel like I need to crash. I am working in VA from 9pm Sat until 2am Sun.... therefore I will start a 4 hour drive at 2am. The plan is to sleep till about 3pm, wake up and get ready and head for VA around 5pm. If I can pull that off I should be still awake around 2am. So anyway, even tho staying up another hour or so would do me good, I think im gonna look around and find wolfie and cuddle up and go to sleep. God is doing something..... We didnt get a chance to talk, but I at least told Tiff that we needed to talk.... the very short conversation we had she ended with a smiley face.... it really made me feel good. Dont get me wrong, I miss tanya.... It still hurts me that I hurt her.... but this all had to end.... I want to be her friend and I hope that in a month or so we will be good friends. Something wasnt right with me and I think I am finally realizing what is wrong.... and I think I'm about to take steps to make it right. I let someone go who meant the world to me......

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