Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I have determined that I am emotionally clostraphobic. I feel trapped, as somone feels trapped in a small place, in an emotional sense. If there is a situation that NEEDS changed for me to be happy and I, in no way, can change that situation..... I go crazy... I just cant take it. Its more then just upset... I literally get headaches and stuff from it.... It's really annoying. I need companionship..... I need alot.... please pray for me.

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Sounds like its time to go visit that friend of yers whom you havent spoken to for the last 7 years. (read - away from phones, the internet and away from anyone who may even remotely remind you of things that you'd rather not remember). Running away( i.e not informing anyone where yer heading .. probably cos u yourself dont know where yer heading.. road tripp?) helps , but as long as you return. May be u just need time away from familiarity
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