Thursday, October 14, 2004

Before I fell asleep last night I put a little thought in to tiff.... yaknow... its amazing how im the one that twists words.....
When I first started talking to tiff it was never an issue of friendship not working unless we were together, but that has been twisted. I said time and time again that the fact that we're not together doesnt hinder me... the fact that shes with Jim does. There were alot of promises made.... alot of things said.... and it all related to Jim. She says time and time again how bad things are with him and I guess not only does that bug me from before but because of the fact I care about her, I dont want to see her go through that. It's just not right for her.... if things arent going well, and especially after some things I've heard.... why is she still with him? That is what is killing me.
You can kindly disregard this post... it's evident somehow that I dont know what im talking about.... I dont really care... and Tiff is the worst thing in my life apparently. Its my life... and im not fit to control it.... so just ignore all of this...

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