Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thank God for tiff! So much is going on around me... so much is falling apart.... yet she was the one that said "call me" ... and I did... and it made me feel so much better.... and she did it selfless... there is so much going on in her life too... she's probably more stressed than I am... but she took the time for me... she means so much to me....

There really is way too much going on around me.... I have friend thinking im not friends with them anymore... ive got my aunt and my family (Im not even going there -- it'll just work me up).... my poor grandmother tho.... when you hear your own grandmother say that it would be better if we were all just dead.... it just kinda... it hits you hard.... things are really bad.... we really need your prayers.

I could use a little extra sleep so I'm going to bed now.... goodnight everyone.

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