Monday, January 17, 2005

Im starting to think that it doesnt really matter if I open up or not..... I dont think anyone really cares who I am.... as long as I can help them, thats all that matters to them. Im starting to think that the only solution for me feeling better and keeping myself from continually getting hurt is to just harden my heart. My soft heart is so vulnerable... it's always getting broken. The human body adapts to so many different things in it's surrounding.... if you live in sunny areas, your skin is darker... thats the body adapting.... maybe my heart needs to do the same thing.... my heart always gets broken so maybe it just needs to adapt and become harder.... I hate saying that but maybe I just dont have a choice.... I cant keep getting hurt....

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I just have to say bro, I know where you are when you say that you feel people use you and loose you because I am going through that myself right now. I may have just lost one of my closest friends because of a text message I sent him telling him I was tired of being played and blown off along with some other things that weren't nice. Hang in there bro, the waters are rough, but they have to calm at some point.
I was just surfing blogs... cuz i really have too much time on my hands. oh well, i'm also watching Highway to Heaven, but that's so not the point. Anyway... I know how you feel.. well, that's a sorta cliched statement. Rather I know how it is to feel that you're putting in a lot more effort than other people in your relationships. I'm sorry, it's a sucky feeling. Anyway I really hope things work out for ya.. I didn't mean to make this such a lengthy reply. Have a nice day.
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