Wednesday, January 19, 2005

So things were going really well for me..... then last not things started happening to make me very overwhelmed.... VERY overwhelmed.... some things that I was banking on are not going to come true and it hurts alot.... plus you add the serious changes happening in my life..... so I leave Lock Haven this morning after sleeping in..... Beaster decided that he had enough and died.... so Im there stranded on the side of the road.... on 220..... very little room to pull off.... so I call dad, he starts on his way up.... im sitting there and I hear "bang" ... I look over and my passenger mirror is gone.... yup.... someone decided to run a little off the road and took off the mirror... so the guy stops.... Im like dont worry about it.... the car is probably dead anyway..... he had a truck so he pushed me down the road a bit so I could get more off of the road.... then he took me to a store where I could stay warm..... turns out he is related to someone that owns a junk yard.... so dad comes, we look at beaster and find out the alternator locked up.... so we call this guy back and he takes us to the junk yard.... we pull an alternator off of a car and take it back to beaster..... not the right one.... *sigh* ... so we decide to take the alternator off of beaster and that went nowhere.... we stood along the side of the road in the freezing cold.... eventually we gave up and came home..... so I guess we're gonna get it towed to a garage tomorrow and then get another alternator put in.... there goes $140.... which brings me to another frustration.... my mom is gonna end up hating me.... she is so stressed with money.... Im broke... I dont have a penny to my name.... my check book shows $.05 and I have maybe a dollar in change in my pocket.... so im screwed.... and all I hear now is how no one has any money.... Im such a burden on everyone.... After a while you feel like you have nothing good to offer anymore...... I pray this works out ok and that I get to VA on Monday without a problem..... maybe I'll find a really special girl down there and my dreams will come true.... so far PA has done nothing for my dreams coming true... maybe VA will.... All I can do is hope for the best......

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