Monday, February 28, 2005

"Basic Principals: There are none" - Will Smith in "Hitch"

Now more than ever I know this is true. When it comes to love you cant just say "this is the way it goes" ... because it doesnt. So many people over the last few years told me that tiff was just playing me.... reasons? They applied "basic principals" to the relationship Tiff and I had. What kept us together with everyone telling me I was an idiot? Love..... What brought us back together after both of us threw the other person away? Love.... What is going to keep us together when we hurt the other person again? Love.....

Sure there is going to be more pain.... and yes, there are still quite a few things that are bugging me.... but I cant just say thats the end. I want to spend my life with Tiff more than anything else.... so I'm going to work towards that.... and over time, those things that bug me will get better. The bottom line is we love each other... we have loved each other... and we will love each other....

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