Sunday, February 06, 2005

The last 14 hours have been unbearable for me. I had a meeting in PA on Friday so I had to come up.... I also had to come back up here today to work at Pizza Hut for Steve.... and my stereo in my car freaked out.... so dad and I traded cars for the weekend and he took my car to Rob's yesterday. Keith and I decided to go get something to eat last night.... I got ready, put the keys in my pocket and left.... but, the keys I put in my pocket were just for my dad's Santa Fe.... I locked myself out of my apartment.... No big deal... I always keep a spare key in my car.... which was freaking in PA. The office was closed and the emergency number for my complex was safely locked in my apartment. So at about 4 am I leave to come back here to PA.... no sleep for me..... I get here at 8am to find out that my dad is sick and he never exchanged my amp so I went to bed and got up at 2:30 and went and got another amp... I got home... got the seat out of my car and I cant freaking do it... the wires dont line up... I dont have the time... now my car is all torn apart... I'm a wreck.... to top it all off my medicine is also locked in my apartment... so I'm on nothing.... I'm going to freaking lose it... and yea.... everyone finally got me into football this year.... do you think there is anyone that wanted to watch the superbowl with me? Of course not.... everyone.... EVERYONE has plans already.... I guess its a good thing im working.... because I'm not important to anyone anyway.....

Here come the tears... I better stop before I really lose it :( Gotta get to work anyway..... I hope tomorrow is better.....

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Bob, I'm sorry things are going rough, but remember it's all in God's hands. Here's a virtual man hug for you :hug: I'd give you a real one but you aren't here. Hang in there bro.
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