Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am so emotionally numb that its not even funny. Nothing is exciting me anymore.... I'm just merely exsisting. I am struggling again with my "problems" as a result and..... I'm just not happy. There has been so much stress in my life recently that I think my mind has just built up a defense again.... the only way to avoid feeling pain sometimes is to go numb.... and in a way, I think thats what happened. So much has happened to me... I almost lost what I need the most and ive just built up a defense. I hate this simply exsisting feeling.... it's misserable. I want to have some excitement... I want something to make me happy....

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Hey man, all I can do is offer you a virtual "man hug". I can say I know what you mean when you say about being numb and just existing, I've been going through that for a long time myself. It's the enemy trying to take you out, don't give up bro.
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