Wednesday, March 23, 2005

If one more thing goes wrong.... I just dont know what I'll do....

Its been a rough two days between Tiff and I.... Just alot of issues that we are trying to work out but its tough.... so thats really been weighing me down.... I really didnt get to spend any time with her, as is typical, and now I wont see her again for another 3 weeks. It just sucks..... but thats not bad enough.... Everything at work just was a pain to me tonight.... I had to mount a server and the stupid clips for the server would not go into the rack.... its supposed to take a few seconds to snap them in.... after 45mins, I still hadnt got them in.... just plain irritating... then a simple memory upgrade turned into a nightmare and I was at work till 2:30.... so I finally leave.... as if I'm not in a bad mood enough, beaster decides that he wants to be in a bad mood..... I dont know whats up there..... just another frustration to add... just worrying that my car isnt going to make it.... Im no mechanic... and worse yet, I dont know any mechanics down here.... so yea, thats bad.... so I come home... looking forward to placing an order for someone on-line.... Something I've been meaning to order but havent got around to it.... sometime pretty important... not for me but for someone else.... so I set everything up and the website responds that they cant process my card.... what the heck? Well, earlier today I had a nice little argument with the PA Turnpike.... they started talking in circles and confused the hell out of me. Friday I made a payment to my account.... last night driving up to Tiff's, my transponder didnt register so I called them.... and they said it was because my account was at a negative balance. Whatever... I made a payment.... they say that they have to cancel that payment and place another payment? Ok, so why are the roads bad in PA... because they all smoke crack! WTF is that supposed to be.... whatever.... You can assure me I will not be charged that first payment.... yes, they assured me... so they canceled the $35 payment I requested and placed another payment request.... well, turns out that the lady just pull a number out of her ass.... so I got charged substantially more thatn $35 so thats why my card was declined.... Not only does this mean that I have no money to order that gift but I had to run to the bank machine and take money out of my paypal account and then make a deposit to my checking account to keep something from bouncing.... and even now im in a "I hope everything clears" panic.... but then of course, I go the whole way to the bank machine and realize I forgot my wallet so I have to come all the way back, and go all the way back again..... So now the money that was in my PayPal account for the purpose of using after next pay because next pay is gone already because of rent, I have nothing there.... and now I have $9 in my checking account..... so I have $9 to last me a month..... I'm screwed.... I have a pair of jeans that I bought and havent taken the tags off of them so I guess I'm taking them back tomorrow..... that'll be $16 or so.... but thats it..... so, what am I doing for easter? Probably sitting here in my apartment doing nothing because I cant afford the gas to drive back up to PA... which really sucks because they are supposed to check out my car... so this is real convient... not only do I not get to spend Easter with my family but my car will continue to die without being helped....... Its time for bed... with a little luck I wont wake up :(

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