Monday, March 14, 2005

My girlfriend amazes me!

I have never in my life found someone who cares about anyone as much as Tiff does. She is dealing with so much right now (dealing with me, included).... but she still keeps right on pushing through. I honestly dont know how she can do it. So many people go to her for problems and she is always there for them.... it's amazing how strong she is. Sure, sometimes I dont understand her but your not meant to understand everything. I just was talking to her this morning as one of our friends was coming to both of us with a problem.... this person dumped alot on me and I basically told her like it was and I think pissed her off.... which is probably something that was needed.... but Tiff just stayed calm and listened. She does all of this while finishing the hardest semester she has ever had. She just keeps pushing on.... She really amazes me. I love her so much and I am proud of her.... very very proud of her. I am so glad that she is mine.... she really is a blessing.

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