Saturday, June 04, 2005

I dont understand.... what I dont understand is why they have not released "Prozac Nation" on DVD. Maybe it is a questionable film..... but its questionable only in that people dont want to see the truth about what is going on.

After almost a year of searching and trying to find a copy of this movie I finally found it and got the oppritunity to watch it tonight. It is a movie that everyone in the world needs to watch. People dont understand what is going on in other's lives... especially some of those lives that they are closest to. There is a world hidden.... hidden by the fact that those that are "ok" don't want to see something that is not ok.....

When they finally decide to release this movie on DVD, YOU NEED TO BUY IT... in fact, I think so strongly that everyone needs to see this that I will send anyone a copy that wants it. This movie will definately give you a glimpse of what some people deal with.... only a glimpse... but that is more than people see in their every day lives.

Please.... email me if you want a copy....

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