Friday, July 01, 2005

I just got a letter from Tiff... so that was nice.... just wrote one to send back to her.... Whatever God does, He does.

Monday is going to be hard.... I always loved curling up and watching fireworks with that special girl... doesnt look like thats gonna happen on Monday... More than likely I will be in PA and hopefully I'll at least get to go see some fireworks with family but alot of times they just dont go anymore.... I'd love to walk into my parent's house and see Tiff sitting there.... but its all just stuff I dream about I guess... Reality is I will probably end up going to see fireworks by myself in Latrobe....

As for my car... I dropped it off at the garage tonight. The good news is I didnt get stopped driving form work to the garage which I was concerned about. Leesburg has a cop for like every block and since my registration expired at midnight, I was sure I was done for. I just hope that I can get this car in the afternoon and make it to an inspection station without getting pulled over and then from there go online and renew my registration....

Lots of dreams for a perfect world, I guess.... It's all in God's Hands!

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