Sunday, May 07, 2006

So I need more clothes and I figure that maybe I should actually make an attempt at going with something different than jeans and t-shirt..... Went to the mall today and started looking at stuff.... imagine me going into Old Navy to look for clothes.... and even Pacific Sunwear...... So I found a few things that I actually did like, however, the entire day only taught me one thing as I looked at price tag after price tag... It taught me why it is that I wear jeans and a t-shirt all the time. $40 for a pair of shorts or pants... wtf... There are some other things that I would wear but I just cant justify spending that much money... It's not worth it.... So I ended up buying a pair of gym shorts and shirt for when I do some cycling this summer (well, if I get a bike and I get over my laziness).... but that was about it.... I think another problem is that I dont have my sisters to do this shopping thing with.... I know right before I started at Lock Haven all 3 of us went to the mall and I actually bought quite a few things that were not jeans and t-shirt related.... but its obviously not something I can do without help....

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Need i remind you that you live with a gay guy?!?! I loves the mall...I just need to teach you how and where to shop and what to get....Let me know when we can go shoppin!!!

We will do a queer eye for the extremely straight guy!
/me places an emergency call to his sisters....

Good God what have I got myself into :) If anyone sees me in a pink shirt anytime soon, please go after Keith first.... then deal with me appropriately.
LOL, well anytime you can get a gay guy to go with you to shop for clothes I think it's worth the lunch you'll be buying him.

Course if you're married (and I don't mean to him!) best go with your wife's advice.

On a more serious note, I've been told in the past from people in business that dress does make a difference. Sure we'd hope it wouldn't especially for those of the fashion inept (i.e. ME! :)).

However in my experience proper business dress (at least slacks and shirts) DOES make an impact.

Sure it makes an impact... unless you are running around a data center with no light and few human beings and you work for a company ran by full fledged geeks..... :)

At any rate, I do have to draw the line on pink shirts....
Ok Ok...Looks like I gotta stand up for my self a little bit...

I am a homo, obviously, however I am not what you would consider a flaming homo aka a fire hazard with flames shooting out of my back side. That being said, I do NOT wear pink. And to defend pink a little bit, it has become very trendy with younger guys now. I notice a significant increase in pink shirts over the past year or so...My cousin's boyfriend wears a pink John Deer hat...
Oh and cousin is a straight female and her boyfriend is a straight male.
I was just stereo-typing for the fun of it.... I havent seen you wear pink, actually.... Maybe I should have said about a rainbow sticker on my car intead of a pink shirt? :)
Pink John Deer Hat? PINK??? A Guy? Gay or straight a guy should NOT be wearing a PINK ballcap. It's just so so so wrong...

Oh long as no one see's my pink banana hamock undies I'll be happy. :)

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