Thursday, June 01, 2006

Im so sick and freaking tired of people calling me only for help with their computer without any regard to the fact that I may be busy.... If your getting free service from me, then shut up and just wait till I have time and dont expect me to be there at your beckon freaking call. Just stop calling me before I change my number and leave you all screwed.... I cant deal with it anymore... I am one person who is busy as hell down here in VA and I dont have the luxury of just dropping everything at a given moments notice to help someone with a computer problem. You want service, pay for it...

To those who really truly respect my help, I apologize and stress that this post is not directed at you at all.... There are some of you out there and I really appriciate you.

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This is why I quit working on people's computers. I don't even work on mine anymore because I'm so disgusted.
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