Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Someday I'll learn...... :(

Today was the first day in probably 6 months that I had my hopes up... I had something to look forward to... something really awesome. I finally had a friend that wanted to hang out with me.....

But, of course, I just got an email saying she can't make it now.... Why is this the story of my life.... Why is it one heartache after another? People tell me I need to look forward to the good things but everytime I do, I get absolutely crushed.... and it doesnt matter who is involved.... a good friend, a girl friend, a guy friend, an enemy... If I look forward to something good happening, it falls apart.

I'm in alot of emotional pain again.... Maybe I'll go see a movie to keep my mind off of junk.

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maybe you just take things too emotionally; you shouldnt get so crushed by something that can occur without anybody's fault (certainly not yours);
I'm not blaming anyone for it... and I actually told Jo that I specifically do NOT blame her.... Its just irritating that this is the way things go for me. Not saying that its anyone's fault but it is a trend.
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