Friday, February 16, 2007

No more satellite radio for me. Last year XM dropped their Christian Rock station on me and as a result I moved to Sirius because they had an awesome Christian Rock station.... today I received the email from Sirius announcing their new and "better" channel line-up.... and in there I see the words "If you liked Sirius 067, please try The Spirit on channel 066" .... that was enough for me.... I literally payed the monthly price for Sirius for one station and they took it away from me. Then, of course, they tried to talk me into staying by giving me a free month... but why bother? There is no point to me paying the $12 a month if it's not something I can use. Anything else I would consider listening to can be found on FM for free....

There are really no words to describe how upset this makes me.... quite honestly, I felt like crying..... This leaves me with absolutely NO source for Christian rock in my car.... other than bringing my iPod or CDs.... no way of listening to new music tho....


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