Saturday, March 17, 2007

The last week or two has been quite rough for me.... I've been working some pretty insane hours and I've not been feeling too well. It left me questioning why I bother doing anything anymore.... Seems like no matter what I do I'll never really make a difference and probably always be taken advantage of......
..... then tonight I was doing an inventory count on fish food and I had my laptop just outside of the fish room and I heard a mother who had who two daughters in there start saying "Goldfish are the most misunderstood fish....." .... Then I remembered. See, I wrote up little tags and classifications for each tank that we have so that people know what fish they can put together as well as some general tips with the fish. Goldfish got their own classification and I wrote a short little paragraph explaining the things that people don't realize about goldfish.... I looked in the room and saw her reading it to her daughters and you could tell they learned some things that they never knew.....

.... Then I remembered... maybe I am making a difference to someone....

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