Monday, July 23, 2007

When we went down to New Orleans to help after Katrina our purpose was to help people get to the point where they could help other people. This was how a group of less than 10 men was able to affect the lives of thousands. It was a great example of what I consider my theme song: "The Chain of Love" by Clay Walker. The only thing that we asked of the people we helped was that they helped someone else.
There were times that we also helped people that were bitter. Those people had no intention of helping anyone else but we helped them anyway because, in this case, they really needed to be shown love. I guess these were the times when we had to just trust that God was going to use the effort we gave.
Life is about helping other people and its what keeps us alive. Society is moving more and more towards "me, myself, and I" and the bitterness that people have is fueling this.
Its scary to me. No one interacts with people anymore and there is no care for anyone else. I feel like there is no hope but I keep trying and I have to keep trying and not expecting anything in return. Its worth more if your not expecting anything in return.... And I guess you don't get let down either.

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