Thursday, March 08, 2007

Am I dead yet?

Computers suck.... I decided I was going to run an update on new life's pbx system.... its a simple and painless script.....

.... and here it is 8 hours later and I am just now going to bed hoping to God it really is working and isnt just pretending :)

I gotta be up at 7:15 so i can get ready for work.... weee 2 1/2 hours...

nite nite


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Friday, February 23, 2007

So I ended up sleeping 13 hours or so..... woke up to my phone ringing and I probably would have slept another few hours if it hadn't.... which would have meant I missed work at the data center.

I think my body has hit the point where it's saying "screw you, bob. You need to rest" .... and it's right.... but there is so much going on... I feel that if I do take time to relax it's just going to create more stress for me later.

I really have had entirely too much going on.... amazingly the primary problems are not at all related to my job.... actually, they aren't even related to relationships. However, I'd have to say that having people around me that were true friends would really make things better..... eh, anyway -- I need a break.... but I don't see one coming anytime soon.


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(C)2003-2008, Bob K Mertz - Some Rights Reserved

(C)2008, Bob K Mertz - Some Rights Reserved
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