Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Icecapades on Blue Mountain

I don't think I can even begin to explain the experience that I just had. I think the best possibility of explaining it is to just post my twitter log:

  • • (bblboy54) Stopped at the post office to check my box. Now its up the mountain which I'm a bit concerned about. *crosses fingers*
  • • (bblboy54) Holy shit! I just lost control going down the hill to my house. Stopped about 10ft in front of a tree. I can't move. All is ok tho.
  • • (bblboy54) I don't know how I'm not dead and my car is in one piece. I'm not joking when I say I don't think I can walk down the hill to my house
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 OH MY GOSH! If you think you're hurt, call someone, don't try moving
  • • (mousewords) Saying prayers for @bblboy54 who thankfully says he's ok after an accident on an icy road
  • • (bblboy54) Thank you, God. That's all I can say. I don't know how my car stopped. I can see my house but I really don't know if I can walk to it.....
  • • (mousewords) Saying prayers for @bblboy54 who thankfully says he's ok after an accident on an icy road
  • • (bblboy54) Yes the ice is so bad that the road isn't walkable. I have never seen anything like this
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords no accident. Everything is 100% but after getting out of my car I know that God was here. I wish there was light for some pics
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 I'm thanking God with you! Can you call someone??
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords no need to call anyone. I can see my house and if I can't make it to it no one else is either :)
  • • (bblboy54) Car is staying right where its at. Gonna try to walk through neighbors yards and hope they aren't as icy as the road
  • • (mousewords) Rum is working, but I'm staying up till we hear @bblboy54 made it safely indoors. :-):-)
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords about 1/2 way there. I wish someone else was here not because I need them but because no one will believe this
  • • (bblboy54) Made it through yard across the street. I don't know if I can make it across my road
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 Well, your guardian angels are on duty--they'll "bear you up" over that road somehow!
  • • (bblboy54) Imagine a frozen lake that is slanted and that's my road
  • • (bblboy54) Gotta love the humor in this. I am standing directly on the other side of the road from my yard and I can't figure out how to get there :)
  • • (bblboy54) I soo wish I had a video camera right now! The uphill to school both ways story has nothing on this. And I think it denys physics the same!
  • • (bblboy54) Thinking I can go up hill a bit and slide on my ass downwards and hopefully there is enough of a slant to my house's side of the road
  • • (bblboy54) For those playing along at home this is in no way an exageration. If much rather be sleeping than making up stories :)
  • • (technosailor) enjoying the twitterings of a @bblboy54 who is entertainigly trying to "cross the street" with ice
  • • (mousewords) I was ready to tell @bblboy54 to watch out for cars on the road, but that was really a pretty dumb thing to think--it's too icy to walk on
  • • (bblboy54) Ok literally crossed the road using the slip n slide method. Slid a good 20 ft while hoping I landed somewhere on the other side.
  • • (bblboy54) Now for my walk way :)
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 I think Twitter is going to give a resounding cheer when you get inside your door. :-):-)
  • • (bblboy54) HOME! Thank God I live alone since I needed to strip at the door to avoid more ice forming on my pants!
  • • (bblboy54) I have never in my life seen anything like that and if I didnt just experience it I never would have believed it!
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 Thank the Lord you are safe and sound--and for goodness sakes don't ever do that again! :-):-D
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords Yea.... cause I planned this one :)
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 Quite the experience, to say the very least! :-):-) All's well now? I can go to sleep?
  • • (seedoflife) @bblboy54 What is your local time?
  • • (bblboy54) I estimate that the ice on my road is about 3/4" thick....same true with at least the bottom half of the road leading down to my road
  • • (bblboy54) My first clue that this was gonna be a problem should have been when I couldn't even chisel my mailbox open thats at the top of the hill
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords yes, everyone can go to sleep :) And the grandchildren are soo hearing about this years from now!
  • • (bblboy54) @seedoflife 3:51am
  • • (Roxette_Wise) @mousewords That's some adventure @bblboy54 is having!! 36 minutes ago from
  • • (mousewords) @Roxette_Wise I know! Had me on the edge of my seat for a minute there. :-):-)
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 You better believe it! Take a screen shot of your Twitter page for them! ;-):-) Glad you are safe, stay warm & good night
  • • (seedoflife) @bblboy54 Why are you outside at this hour? Emergency? Work?
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords I'm copying tweets to my Blog as we speak :)
  • • (bblboy54) @seedoflife work. I honestly would have stayed at the data center if I didn't have my 3 birds that need me.
  • • (mousewords) @akelatal We've just been watching @bblboy54 's drama--which thankfully had a happy ending :-):-)
  • • (bblboy54) @mousewords mostly happy except for my ass (literal) which is still frozen. I did it and I'm not sure *i* believe it.
  • • (mousewords) @bblboy54 LOL I am so linking to that from my blog :-):-D
  • • (mousewords) "For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways." ~ Psalm 91:11

These tweets span about an hour of time and ended at around 3:20am.  I know there were other people in the conversation too but partially because I'm tired and partially because the twitter timeline isn't fully functional, they didn't make it on here.  I have to say that this is another example of why I love Twitter.  In situations like this where you would normally be scared out of your mind it's comforting because you feel like someone is kinda there with you and it actually keeps these types of situations entertaining.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Be glad you wrent me today

Its been a while since I blogged about a day in the life of Bob for the most part but I really think I need to recap the events of today.
  1. Sleep in and miss church
  2. Get up to get shower and have no water
  3. Spend time in crawlspace and ourside with outdoor temperatures of 12F
  4. Realize that water line from well is frozen
  5. Go to Target and buy rather large space heater
  6. Spend more time in crawlspace. Thankfully the outdoor temperature has now risen to 16F
  7. After hours I can finally get my shower and head into NoVA to hang out
  8. Come home to find that the pilot light has gone out on my gas log (primary source of heat for my house). House is now at 50F.
  9. Pilot light will not stay lit after the burners turn on so I do some cleaning with the vaccum. As I'm cleaning a mouse runs out from beside the fireplace and scares the shit out of me.
  10. Go out to the kitchen for a drink and find that the mice apparently planned today in advance and decided they would begin my demise by feasting on a bad of garbage I had removed last night but didnt get a chance to take to the dump.
  11. Sit down at the computer for a second and happen to notice the fish in my one 55 gallon tank are quite inactive.
  12. Look closer at that situation and realize the heater has ceased to be -- most likely because it was working overtime dealing with the 50F house.
  13. War officially is declared on the mice and I venture to the gas station to purchase biological weapons of mass destruction
  14. Return home and place bait. Continue to argue with the gas log and finally it concedes and begins heating my house. Fish continue to be in trance-like state since there is nowhere to purchase a heater at this time.

So really.... could anything else possibly happen? I'm quite sure the answer to that question is yet and I am also quite sure that I do not want to ask the question of what it is.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I have to take this space to apologize to PennDOT. While you may make life misserable by poorly planned construction and not understand how roads are to be built, I did not realize how horrible other places are when it comes to taking care of winter road conditions. Thank you for understanding the need of using multiple snow plows for each few miles of road. Most of all, thank you for realizing that while salt may, in fact, eat away at your cars paint, that paint job is no good when you go sliding into another car.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Its about time.... thats all Im saying :)

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

I should not be going to the mall to eat so I can look at cute girls in shorts and tank tops. Yes, I am a guy.... the reason why I shouldnt be is BECAUSE ITS JANUARY!!! However, the recent weather is allowing such activity :)


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Friday, January 05, 2007

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.... but it IS January, right? I'm just a tad confused since the last 2 days I've not wore a coat AND drove around with my window down.... If I end up driving my Samurai without the roof in the next few weeks, I may be convinced of all this global warming hype!


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